Washington Post: Millennial Women Less Likely to Take Vacation Than Millennial Men

When it comes to vacation usage, there’s a startling gender gap between millennial men and women. Millennial women are less likely to use their vacation time, citing fear of appearing replaceable and feeling guilty about being away from the office. Jena McGregor explains the role gender, age, and job title play in employees vacation usage:

In explaining why they weren’t using all their time, young women were also more likely to say they felt guilty, replaceable or wanted to “show complete dedication.” On every measure, whether it was the fear of returning to too much work or worrying that no one else can do their jobs, more young women were concerned about the effect of vacation than young men.

“Millennial women tend to have more pronounced guilt and feel they don’t want to burden people with their time away,” said Katie Denis, the lead researcher for Project: Time Off. “They’re more likely to identify with that ‘work martyr’ brand of thinking.” Indeed, although the data showed a similar gender divide in other age groups, Denis said, it was most pronounced among millennial women, 46 percent of whom said it was a good thing for their boss to see them as a work martyr, compared with 43 percent of millennial men and 38 percent of overall respondents.