Travel and Leisure: ‘Vacation Shaming’ Is Preventing Millennials From Taking Time Off

Millennials are least likely to use all their vacation time. This may be due to the shame they expereince from the tenured American workforce. Christopher Tkaczyk points out that as the largest segment of workers, this generation needs to form better habits for taking a break, the future sucess of our workforce depends on it:

Project: Time Off found in its annual State of American Vacation report, which revealed that millennial women are the least likely to use all of their vacation days. Last year’s report introduced the term “work martyr” to describe the tendency for millennials to be work-obsessed and prioritize face time in the office over the need to unplug by taking a vacation.

The State of American Vacation 2017 report released earlier this year stressed that taking a vacation can not only help you recharge and be more productive but that it can also help you land a promotion.