The Washington Post Finds That D.C. is the City with the Most Unused Vacation Time

According to a recent study, Washington D.C. tops the list for the city with the most unused vacation days. This top spot can be attributed to the city being home to more government workers than average (40% to 13%). According to a recent report, “government workers are more likely to leave vacation time unused,” partly because of “more generous vacation rollover policies than average,” Justin Wm. Moyer reports:

Project: Time Off, a D.C.-based nonprofit group funded by the travel industry, surveyed more than 7,300 workers who receive paid time off about their vacation habits to produce a report called “Under-Vacationed America: An Analysis of the States and Cities That Need to Take a Day.” The report, which surveyed the 30 largest metropolitan areas, said that 64 percent of Washington-area workers leave vacation time unused, showing up for work a total of 17.3 million days they don’t have to. “One of the biggest fears is the mountain of work you return to,” said Katie Denis, senior director and lead researcher for Project: Time Off. She said that the District’s “hyperactive culture” also made it less likely that workers would take time off.