The Associated Press Highlights the Necessity of Vacation

Though more than half of American workers leave vacation time on the table, the need for a chance to rest from work demands only increases. Sarah Skidmore Sell highlights the impacts of vacation on individuals, businesses, and the overall work culture:

It’s summer time and the living is … not so easy for some.

American workers have been taking less and less vacation over the past 15 years. A study by Project: Time Off found that in 2015, more than half of American workers left vacation time unused.

If you are among this unlucky group, consider our tips on why you should take a break and how to do it.

RECOGNIZE THE PERKS: Vacation is a chance to rest your mind and your body from the demands of work.

CONSIDER THE HURDLE: The United States is the only developed country that does not require employers to provide vacation time, according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research. But workers are often entitled to days off that they simply aren’t taking.

WALK THE WALK: If you are the boss, the pressure is on you to take a break.