Fast Company Reveals the Most Under-Vacationed Areas in the U.S.

Americans are continuing to leave vacation days on the table. As it turns out, where you live may influence your vacation patterns. Lydia Dishman reports:

According to the annual Project: Time Off report, things may be getting a bit better. The analysts discovered that the 7,331 Americans surveyed (who work full time and therefore get paid time off from their employer) took an average of 16.8 days off in 2016, marking the second year in a row of taking slightly more vacation days.

That still means that more than half (54%) of U.S. workers are leaving paid time off on the table. As Project Time Off points out, not only does this hurt productivity overall, as breaks from work are necessary, it dings the economy. “If Americans were to use that vacation time, it would generate $128 billion in direct spending, and an overall economic impact of $236 billion for the U.S. economy,” the report’s authors write.