Boston Globe Suggests 2017 May Be The Year Vacation Culture Changes

Americans are finally ditching bad vacation habits and using more of their hard earned vacation days. Christopher Muther explains why vacation culture is finally shifting in a positive direction but warns of the factors causing people to still shy away from taking all their time off:

For the past 15 years, US workers have wasted millions of vacation days, opting to go into the office rather than relaxing and using their allotted time off.

But a pair of studies released within a day of each other found that the pendulum could be swinging in the other direction. It’s a painfully slow swing, but even the tiny shift could mean that the beleaguered masses toiling with dark circles under their eyes are finally beginning to see the light, and not just the light from their laptop screens.

In 2016, the average US employee took 16.8 days of vacation. That’s up from 2015’s 16.2 days per year, according to Project: Time Off, a travel-industry-funded initiative. The percentage represents only an additional half day, but it’s a rare rise. From 1978 to 2000, the average worker took 20.3 days off.