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America is at a critical crossroads: either change our behavior and choose vacation or continue down the unsustainable path that has led to a stockpile of millions of unused vacation days and countless unintended consequences. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Join us in moving America to explore the upside of downtime.

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Help us get America’s vacation days off the books and on the calendar by sharing the message on your social media channels. With a click of a button, you can spread the word that it’s time to stop making excuses and start making vacation plans.

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Americans who plan out their vacation days are more likely to use all their time off, and the best planners know the key to success is blocking the calendar early. Use the vacation planning tool and get to know the upside of downtime.

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Why Planning Vacation is Key to Well-Being in 2018

Join Project: Time Off as we work to prove to Americans the value and necessity of taking vacation. On this page, you will find everything from social posts to videos to embeddable tools that you can use for your own communications and marketing efforts. Together, we can help Americans get out and explore the upside of downtime.

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Company Leaders

Can You Vacation Your Way to a Promotion? 2As a company leader, you play a key role in changing America’s vacation culture. It’s not enough to have a vacation policy. To realize the full benefits of a well-vacationed workforce, organizations need to regularly communicate the importance of time off and model good behavior. Use these tools, tips, and research to help your company capitalize on the upside of downtime.

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