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America’s vacation deprivation shortchanges the time we invest in our personal relationships, undermines our performance at work, and threatens our health and well-being. Still, Americans are choosing work martyrdom over time off and see vacation as a nice-to-have. Project: Time Off wants Americans to reclaim their vacation days, travel the country, and reap the benefits of a true break. Launched in 2014, our mission is to prove the value and necessity of taking vacation.

Katie Denis

Chief of Research and Strategy

Katie is responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day management of Project: Time Off. She is also responsible for taking all of her vacation time and encouraging her team to do the same. It is her favorite duty. Before joining P:TO, Katie was at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a Director of Communications and Strategy. She spends her time off with her toes in the sand of Grayton Beach, FL, hiking the Colorado mountains, or returning home to Cincinnati, OH. Katie lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband and their two daughters.

Cait DeBaun

Director of Communications


Cait is responsible for day-to-day communications and media strategy of Project: Time Off. She takes big issues and uses thoughtful communications to move people to make a change. Before joining P:TO, Cait worked at Ogilvy Public Relations as an Account Director in the Social Change practice. Her favorite vacation memory is dipping her son’s toes in the ocean for the first time. Cait is proud to call the nation’s capital her home.

Gabby Migliara

Manager of Industry Relations

Gabby is responsible for the management of Project: Time Off coalition membership and assists with P:TO social media and brand strategy. She enjoys learning about people and organizations and how they interact with P:TO’s greater mission. Before joining P:TO, Gabby was on the marketing team for a local real estate development firm. She is a road trip enthusiast, with favorite destinations including Colorado and anywhere in the southern United States. Gabby lives in Washington, DC and loves walking around to explore its neighborhoods.