Top 5 Things Every Working Parent Should Know About Their Kids

Working parents, I get it. I’m one of you. With a full-time job, a three-year-old, and one on the way, it’s a daily struggle to find balance and sometimes the scales get tipped, typically in favor of work.

But our latest research, The Work Martyr’s Children: How Kids Are Harmed by America’s Lost Week, has me thinking twice about what it means to my family when I’m working off the clock, particularly if I’m using work as an excuse not to use time off.

It’s no secret that Americans, working parents or not, are bad about using the vacation time that they’ve earned. But just how heavy a toll America’s vacation problem takes on children was a surprise to me, and may be a surprise for all working parents.

Below are the top five report findings that are critical for every parent to understand.


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