Goonies Never Say Die in Astoria, Oregon

It’s been 30 years since Mikey rallied his friends with, “Goonies never say die,” but you wouldn’t know three decades have passed since the release of Steven Spielberg’s classic film if you visit Astoria, OR. The town wears its Goonies pride on its sleeve—we even saw one house with a custom Goonies stone design on its chimney—and as a fan of the movie (like every 80s kid), I loved it.

A trip to Astoria makes it clear why it’s been a Hollywood darling. The Rockwell-esque town has served as a filming location for several of my childhood favorites, including Kindergarten Cop, Short Circuit, and Free Willy. The town has a very nostalgic feel, drawing tens of thousands of tourists each year who want to tap into some of their favorite memories, and make some new ones in the process.

The Project: Time Off road trip rolled into town and after crossing the famous Astoria Bridge, we parked the car and decided to take a walking tour of Goonies landmarks.

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