5 Ways to Look Like a Pro Hiker (Even if You’ve Never Set Foot on a Trail)

I love hiking. Fresh air, great workout, amazing sights. It wasn’t something I grew up doing, but my husband is an avid hiker and he’s gotten me more into it. Two years ago, I conquered my first 14er (for the uninitiated that’s a 14,000 foot mountain) and last year did my first major backpacking trip at Colorado’s Maroon Bells.

I’ve learned a few things along the way and wanted to share. Americans are privileged to have stunning national and state parks, and hiking is a great way to see them. On our Pacific Northwest road trip, we were lucky enough to visit Olympic National Park, taking in stunning waterfalls and feeling small amongst massive trees.

So if you’ve been shying away because you don’t consider yourself outdoorsy or a hiker, I’ve pulled together my favorite tips that will get you started and looking like a pro in no time.

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