30 Ways to Use Your Days

Vacation days burning a hole in your pocket? Here’s 30 ways to put those days to good use.

  1. Plan one day off to map out your vacation usage for the year (Hello National Plan for Vacation Day!)
  2. Plan one week off each quarter.
  3. Plan to take off every Friday off between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  4. Plan time off before major holidays.
  5. Plan time off after major holidays.
  6. Plan days off that coincide with your kids’ school calendar.
  7. Plan a day off to celebrate your birthday.
  8. Plan time off around office and school closures.
  9. Plan a spring and fall break.
  10. Plan a long weekend once a month.
  11. Plan a time each season to take a day and shop new styles.
  12. Plan time off during a lull between built-in company holidays.
  13. Plan to take one “me” day each quarter and look forward to hitting snooze!
  14. Plan five consecutive days off and maximize two weekends on either end: a nine-day vacation!
  15. Plan time off during your industry’s slow season.
  16. Plan time off around your favorite sports team. Watch an MLB day game or travel to see your alma mater.
  17. Plan time off after a business trip or extend your stay to explore the destination.
  18. Plan time off during the winter holiday to volunteer locally.
  19. Plan time off after major work events to relax and recharge.
  20. Plan to take your birthday off. #TreatYoSelf
  21. Plan a day (or two) off during your city’s peak season. Use this as an excuse to explore what you love about your town.
  22. Plan to take all of your vacation at once. December at the beach? Yes, please!
  23. Plan recovery (laundry) days after returning home from a long trip.
  24. Plan to front load your calendar with vacation time; this lessens the risk of forfeiting days at the end of the year.
  25. Plan around your bucket list. Make it a goal to check off two items on your list this year!
  26. Plan short, back-to-back vacations so that the anticipation never fades.
  27. Plan time off around your boss and coworkers’ calendars.
  28. Plan time off during client or industry black out days.
  29. Plan time off the day after pay day. (Treat yourself to a shopping spree?!)
  30. Plan time off to travel during ‘shoulder season;’ the time between high season and off season for the best bang for your buck.

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