GIF-shaming America's Most Under-Vacationed States and Cities

In need of a vacay? If you live in these places — yup, you sure are.

After a long-lasting nose dive in vacation usage, we found that Americans are finally taking more time off, which is a very good thing indeed. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is pulling the same weight. 

In fact, there are many states and cities across the country where vacation abandonment well outpaces vacation usage. Over half (54%) of Americans left vacation days unused last year, but let’s talk about the worst offenders: 

The States That REALLY Need to #TakeADay

1. Idaho (78% of workers left vacation time unused in 2016)

You say potato, I say potat-ow. Idahoans — we hear you that your company culture isn’t talking about time off. But remember, the conversation starts with you — so relax a bit. Not to mention, how beautiful your state is, ever heard of a staycation?

2. New Hampshire (77% of workers left vacation time unused in 2016)

Live free or…don’t take a break? New Hampshire workers have an acute fear of what their bosses think about them taking time off to recharge. Don’t disappoint native son Seth Meyers, Granite Staters!

3. Alaska (73% of workers left vacation time unused in 2016)

I’m sure it can feel hard sometimes being a bit disconnected from the rest of the United States. But that’s no reason to not soak in all your majestic state has to offer. Be like the bear, Alaska.

Burnout Cities

1. Washington, DC (64% of workers left vacation time unused in 2016)

The seat of American government is apparently never empty. But D.C. workers — who actually report being less challenged by many of the barriers to taking time off — are the worst at actually taking it. In fact 63% of government workers left time on the table in 2016.

2. San Francisco, CA (64% of workers left vacation time unused in 2016)

Silicon Valley is all about moving fast and breaking things, right? Well, more San Francisco workers need to remember to break out of their office and recharge from time to time. 62 percent of Bay Area workers say that the mountain of work they would return to stops them from taking time off. Take a minute to step outside of the incubator!

3. Tampa, FL (62% of workers left vacation time unused in 2016)

Workers we surveyed in Tampa reported feeling like they are the least able to financially afford a vacation. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: you don’t have to go away to enjoy some much-needed R&R.

Real talk — no matter where you live, no matter the barriers you face, or the fears that keep you from stepping out of fluorescent light and into the sun, taking your time off is not something you can afford to skip out on. Take your vacation days, America. You yourself, your loved ones, your boss, and your country will thank you.

See how the rest of the country stacks up using our interactive map.

Want to learn more? Check out our latest report, Under-Vacationed America: An Analysis of the States and Cities That Need to Take a Day.

Interactive Map

June 15, 2017