The Dos and Don’ts of Vacation Planning

Ready to get those days on the calendar? Use our Vacation Planning Tool to strategize for the months ahead. But if you still need a little help getting started, these three dos and don’ts will help you on your way.

Do plan for your bucket list. Don’t make it unattainable.

Six-in-ten Americans say that they plan vacation days around events that are already on the books, like weddings, graduations, or family gatherings. That’s great! But vacation isn’t just there to help you clear out your personal to-do list — you’ve earned that time off and deserve to spend it doing something you really want to do. Even if it’s taking a few days to reconnect with yourself, it’s important to remember that taking a few days now help the kind of built-up burnout that can derail your career later on. Remember: don’t just plan for what you have to do, plan for what you want to do.

Do block your calendar. Don’t get swallowed up by details.

47% of Americans tell us that they plan out the use of their vacation days for the year. The rest of you might be thinking: what if I don’t have all the details in place? Don’t worry! After all, it’s much easier to decide not to take time off that you have already requested than it is to make a last-minute request. Maintaining a transparent calendar not only provides you with peace of mind later on, it can also be a great springboard for some thoughtful vacation planning, no matter the time of year

Do talk to your manager. Don’t be afraid of being proactive.

It’s almost universal — 91% of managers tell us that they want to approve their employees’ vacation requests. (Most of them are surely aware of the massive benefits that vacation has on creativity, productivity, and the bottom line.) But that decision can get more complicated when vacation plans aren’t shared in advance. 43 percent say they are sometimes unable to because their employees did not provide enough notice. Not only will planning your time for the year ahead help you take and enjoy more, it’ll help your manager to better plan themselves — ensuring that they not only approve a request, but make sure to arrange for coverage so you don’t come back to a mountain of work.

Are you ready to plan now? Look up how many days you have to spend this year and get to it!

February 13, 2018